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ARABIC/ BELLY ~ Adriana Martinez / Fresh Shapes

29th August 2009

Choreography by / Coreografía por: Adriana Martínez
Rhythm / Ritmo: ARABIC / BELLY (With fitness touch)
Song / Canción: Kiss Simarik
Artist / Artista: Tarkan

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Students DVD
Fresh Shapes utilizes vibrant, sensual and musical rhythms to get you moving and into the shape you always wanted. Dance routines to inspire you to experience the joy and passion of movement in your body and soul. You dont need to be a professional dance, you just have to love it!

DVD para Estudiantes
Fresh Shapes utiliza musica y ritmos exitantes y sensuaes para lograr esa figura que siempre has deseado. Estas rutinas te llevaran a experimentar la pasion del movimiento en tu cuerpo y tu espiritu. No necesitas ser un professional en el baile, solo muevete y disfrutalo!

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Duration : 0:3:48

[youtube oFJ2CGHZev0]

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25 Responses to “ARABIC/ BELLY ~ Adriana Martinez / Fresh Shapes”

  1. TheBonesofBabyDolls Says:

    Adriana, I love the …
    Adriana, I love the way you move! I hope I get that good one day. Can you please tell me where to get shoes like yours? The floor in my class is wood too and with my sneakers I can’t slide easily. I just want to know which shoes are best on this type of floor. Thank you and keep it up, you are awesome!!!

  2. ItzaboutU Says:

    thank you for …
    thank you for sharing,love it, love it,keep it up,put more dances

  3. marjorie0210 Says:

    its kiss kiss by …
    its kiss kiss by tarkan …..
    great workout video …..

  4. ItzaboutU Says:

    love you all you …
    love you all you girls do a great job.,,, whats the titlle of the song & who sing thanks

  5. 02GLS Says:

    I’m hoping to take …
    I’m hoping to take up Zumba soon and all of your videos have really encouraged me !! x

  6. SMOKEBiGKiLLA Says:

    i wish to dance …
    i wish to dance like the teacher

  7. BorovnianHeir Says:

    Wow, I wish you …
    Wow, I wish you were my teacher. Your classes look FUN and you can really move! Looking forward to your DVDs!!!

  8. mimi1992113 Says:

    wow!! it is such a …
    wow!! it is such a work out.
    I love it, its GREAT♥!!!

  9. laprincesa2687 Says:

    This routine is …
    This routine is great as are your other videos! I’ve been using them to help me train to become an instructor myself. Thanks for posting!

  10. AddyMoreno Says:

    I love Tarkan! I …
    I love Tarkan! I also like his songs “Olurum Sana” and “Bu Gece”… There are videos on You Tube. Enjoy! BTW… I’m Mexican ;)

  11. LimTwins Says:

    Love this one and …
    Love this one and thank you for posting! My class will love it! Note: Poor girl in the back roll (left end) she kept pulling on her skirt because it was too loose. hehe

  12. DenitaLove Says:


  13. kellyjeanettearts Says:

    I really loved this …
    I really loved this! I have decided to take up Zumba so I can move like that.

  14. aekrak Says:

    Me encantaron tus …
    Me encantaron tus videos yo baje 30 kilos con tus rutinas gracias espero hables español besos eres la mejor

  15. danatogo Says:

    Song is by Turkish …
    Song is by Turkish pop star; Tarkan, “Simarik” from his “Tarkan” CD.

  16. tavitahadara Says:

    I belly dance for 8 …
    I belly dance for 8 Years now and this rocks!

  17. roxygibbs Says:

    I love how all …
    I love how all those belly scarves make noise. I gotta get me one. Good jod Adriana, you move gracefully.

  18. roxygibbs Says:

    wow! I wanna be …
    wow! I wanna be sexy like you girls ;)

  19. defende10 Says:

    I’m from …

    I’m from Mexico, and I like your style very much because my instructor also has a very hard and precise movements. Also as latin people, the rythm body/music is very important. Best for you

  20. defende10 Says:

    that bambucha1990. …
    that bambucha1990. I can guess you weight 500 lbs, you would never be able to do that. And find out first what Zumba is. And this is not belly dance!!!!! whaahahaha.

  21. 5543sandra Says:

    i love all videos
    i love all videos

  22. zoombolly Says:

    the name of this …
    the name of this song is KISS and in the Zumba collection (zin)

  23. heylove28 Says:

    very nice, what’s …
    very nice, what’s the name of this song?

  24. kmarches Says:

    very nice, i love …
    very nice, i love it, keep dancing!

  25. dynmite09 Says:

    please whats the …
    please whats the name of this song,,,

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